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Greeting All

I know it's been awhile since I updated, but I really hope that we can keep this site alive. So, to everyone please post.

Some Updates in the World of Spielberg

MUNICH is in post production and is very close to being released. December 23 to be exact. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait. From what I have read it is going to be a great movie. It is already the frontrunner to take home the Best Picture/Best Director awards at the Oscars this year. Though I hope he also gets something for War of the Worlds, cause that was a great movie. Saw the poster for the movie. Looks great, I bought it the other day. Adding it to my other spielberg posters.

Thne there's his latest. The Abe Lincoln project. Spielberg has choosen Liam Neeson for the roll of "Honest Abe". A great idea in my book because of his remarkable work in Schindler's List. Love the Civil War era and I think Spielberg is just the right person to bring this story to the screen. He did a great job with Amistad.

Indy 4, well, nothing really new there. They need to get their asses in gear cause they've been promising this movie for years. Come on, I need my Indy.

Now for my Jedi powers. You will buy the 2 Disk Special Edition of War of the World. Buy it on November 22nd. From what I have seen on Amazon, the other single disk on looks kind of dumb. Also, pick up the new "Into the West" DVD cause the series was great. Right up there with Band of Brothers in my book.

Ok, until next time. Keep on posting.
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