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Greetings All

Well, I hope everyone is going to see spielberg's latest "Munich". It was released in limited theaters on the 23rd and will be everywhere else on the 6th of January. I was lucky enough to live near at theater that released it on the 23th. Let me just say, this is a powerful piece of film making. Suspenseful, emotional, and ground breaking. Wouldn't expect anything more from Spielberg. I've got my fingers crossed that it will win best picture at the oscars. Hoping also that "War of the Worlds" will nab a few oscars as while.
Heard some news the other day that Spielberg was going to remake "Mary Poppins". Was excited to say the least. I'm a big fan of the older movie and would love to see some new life breathed into it. Spielberg would be just the man to do that. Then today read that it was a rumor. Will I hope that it is more then just a rumor. I would love to see spielberg's name over "Mary Poppins" on a movie poster. I can dream.
Spielberg has purchased the rights to the book "Team of Rivals", which seems to be the new title of the Lincoln/Civil War/Spielberg project. With this and his Indy 4 project, Spielberg is going to be very busy this 2006 and I for one cannot wait for 2007 when both are expected to be released.
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