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Welcome To The Community

Welcome to the Community page created to celebrate the greatest film director of all time, Steven Spielberg. Everyone is welcome to join this community and you can come and talk about Spielberg anytime. I will be post every once in a while with information and updates about Spielberg. So have fun.

Here's a few updates for all of you that want to know about Spielberg's upcoming projects:

War Of The Worlds-June 29 2005
A remake of the film directed by Bryon Haskin. Based on the novel "War of the Worlds" by H.G. Wells. Starring Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, and Tim Robbins. The story of alien war machines that come to Earth to destory it. Ray Ferrier (Cruise) and Rachel (Fanning) take a stand against them. Watch the trailor on IMDB.com
Trival: Ann Robinson who played Sylvia Van Buren in the 1953 War of the Worlds movie is the only cast member from the original to make an appearance in this remake.

Vengeance (2006) (Pre-production)
A chronicle of the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany, where Israeli athletes were kidnapped by a group of Palestinian militants. Ultimately, 11 Israelis lost their lives in the tragedy.

Indiana Jones 4 (2006) (announced)
Plot Unknown, but rumors say that Ford and Connery are coming back and Indiana's wife and even a child may make an appearance.

Untitled Steven Spielberg/Abraham Lincoln Project (2007) (announced)
No release date and hasn't started filmming but the plot is the sixteenth President of the United States guides the North to victory during the Civil War. Lincoln maybe played by Liam Neeson.

So, as you can see, the next couple of years are going to be a busy time for Spielberg and a great time for Spielberg Fans
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